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BOM BIM and EMM invest in platform EnableNow

  • 01-11-2022
  • 3 min

The Brabant Development Company (BOM), De Bossche Investeringsmaatschappij (BIM) and EMM Holding are making a follow-up investment in the AI ​​platform of EnableNow. The BIM finances from the municipal Data and ICT starters fund. The startup offers smart applications of bank data for the development of new services and products for companies. EnableNow customers use the Payment Service Directive2 (PSD2) license granted to the company by De Nederlandse Bank.

EnableNow's PSD2 license makes it possible for service providers to access payment details of account holders, provided they also grant permission for this. This payment data can be processed, analyzed and used to improve the efficiency of financial services, better service and the development of new business models and services using EnableNow's AI Platform.

“Payment data can be very interesting for all kinds of analyses. The European PSD2 directive makes this possible. The application for a PSD2 permit required for the development of these types of services is too expensive, too complex and labor intensive for many companies,” said Joris Verboven, CEO of EnableNow. We use our license to collect data for our customers. PSD2 as-a-service, that is. By processing and enriching that data on our AI Platform, new insights and opportunities arise. We primarily focus on financial service providers and providers of loyalty programs.

The positioning of EnableNow is unique in the Netherlands.
Remie Bastiaansen - investment manager, BOM

“We think that the introduction of AI applications is of great importance for the competitive position of small and medium-sized businesses in Brabant,” says Remie Bastiaansen, investment manager at the Brabant Development Company (BOM). “In addition, the positioning of EnableNow is unique in the Netherlands. That is why we are happy to support the team in the further development of the AI ​​platform. We are convinced that EnableNow enriches the AI ​​community in Brabant.”

“As a data city in the Netherlands, we as a municipality like to invest in the start-up climate for IT and Data companies. EnableNow's funding is a good example of this.” says Alderman Ralph Geers of the Municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch. Thematic accommodation is offered via the BIM and the Data and IT starters fund helps to finance the growth of companies.

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