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Privacy statement Enable Now B.V. account holders

In this privacy statement we explain how we handle your personal data and how you can exercise your rights about it.

By 'we', 'us' or 'our' we mean:

Enable Now B.V., registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 80220134 and located in (5223 AL) 's-Hertogenbosch at Parallelweg 27 (Ruimte HA 1).

Our company is a so-called "data controller" in the sense of the privacy regulations. In short, this means that our company is responsible for compliance with privacy regulations when it comes to certain personal data that we process from you.

By 'personal data' we mean information that directly or indirectly concerns a specific person. For example, your name and bank account number.

Our services

We are a so-called "account information service provider. We enable our customers to gain insight into your income, expenses, preferences and buying behavior as their (potential) customer. On behalf of our customer, we analyze your bank information. You yourself give permission to the bank(s) where you bank to share this data with us and you have given us permission via an authorization to provide this service. In addition, you have given us permission to analyze the bank data.

We analyze the data to which we are then given access and report our findings back to our client. So our customer is your (potential) supplier/contracting party. We have made contractual agreements with our customer about this. Based on the financial data about you that we share with our client, the client then makes a risk analysis on the basis of which it decides whether to enter into an agreement with you.

We do not process special personal data, such as personal data relating to religion and ethnicity.

What and on what basis we process personal data

We request and use certain personal data from you primarily to be able to provide our services - both to you and to our clients - as well as possible. For this we have asked and obtained your permission. The legal basis for this is therefore your prior consent.

Finally, we use and save your personal data because we are legally obliged to do so on the basis of (fiscal) legislation.

Of course we attach great importance to the protection of your privacy when using your personal data. We have therefore put safeguards in place.

If necessary, we request your prior consent for certain processing.

How and where we store your personal data

We keep the personal data you provide to us only for as long as is necessary for the proper functioning of our services or as long as is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation. If you withdraw your consent to keep your personal data, we will delete it.

We handle your personal data with care. Extensive measures have been taken within our company to protect data, including personal data. Here are just a few of them:

  • Personal data can only be accessed by employees when such access is necessary for the performance of their duties;
  • We have appropriate IT security measures in place;

The data, including personal data, in our possession is stored locally within the European Union with the exception of data processed by third parties for the purpose of analysis, including Google Analytics.

To whom we provide personal data

We treat personal data confidentially. Your personal data is processed solely for the benefit of our company and is not provided to third parties, except as noted below.

As stated under the heading 'Our services', we share your personal data with our customer, your potential supplier / contracting party. We have clear agreements with our customers regarding the exchange of personal data. From the moment we share the data with our clients, they are (also) responsible for processing this data and will also have to comply with the privacy regulations.

It is also possible that personal data transfers to a third party due to an acquisition, merger or (other) reorganization involving our company.

Finally, we may have to disclose personal data if required by law or to comply with an order from a competent authority.

Further information and your rights

Should you have any further questions about how we handle your personal data or should you wish to access, correct or delete your personal data or request the restriction of processing or transfer of your personal data, please contact us at the e-mail address

Finally, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. To do so, please contact us at

We will process your question or request and get back to you as soon as possible. We may need additional information to process your request. For example, in the case of a request for inspection or deletion, we will want to know for sure that you are the person to whom the personal data concerned relate and we will have to check whether the request is justified and feasible. This is in the (privacy) interest of all our customers and relations.

If you do not want us to have access to your financial data, you can revoke the permission you have given us to process your bank data. To do so, you can send a request to You must also revoke this permission at the bank(s) where you bank. We cannot arrange this for you. For this you must contact the relevant banking institution.

It is possible to file a complaint with a supervisory authority, the Authority for Personal Data. More information about this can be found on the website of the Authority for Personal Data.

Latest version: 10-03-2023

We amend this privacy statement from time to time. An amended privacy statement will apply from the date as stated above.


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