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Investment in growth ambitions of Open Banking platform EnableNow

  • 23-05-2024
  • 3 min

The Bossche (Dutch) Software developer EnableNow receives a follow-up investment of € 650.000 from the Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM), De Bossche Investeringsmaatschappij (BIM), EMM Holding and Fleujel Investments. With this capital injection, EnableNow wants to further develop the platform and scale it commercially. The company focuses on broadening its portfolio and European expansion.

In a short period of time, EnableNow has managed to take a prominent position in the Open Banking landscape. After obtaining the Payment Service Directive2 (PSD2) permit in mid-2022, EnableNow has made great strides with its focus on the Dutch market, strong connection in the banking industry, compliance as a service, high conversion and seamless customer journeys.

Remie Bastiaansen, investment manager at BOM. “Open banking and AI are of great importance for the competitive position of SMEs. Since the pandemic, consumers and businesses have increased their use of fintech apps and other non-traditional financial products and services. We see this reflected in the growth and vision of EnableNow.”


The added value of EnableNow lies in the lean and secure sharing of banking data, allowing companies to develop new services and products.

1. Efficiency: By accessing account holders' payment data through the Payment Service Directive2 (PSD2) permit, EnableNow helps financial services providers streamline their processes and operate more efficiently.

2. Better service: Using AI and advanced analytics, EnableNow can generate insights from payment data. This allows companies to better understand their customers and offer personalized services.

3. Compliance, fraud and risk: In addition to better service, EnableNow can support companies in the areas of compliance, fraud prevention and risk management through advanced analyses.

4. New business models: Through smart applications of banking data, companies can discover new ways to create value. This can vary from developing innovative financial products to optimizing existing services.

EnableNow offers a unique positioning by making smart use of banking data and additional fintech services to help companies grow through innovation.


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