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Voldaan and EnableNow join forces!

  • 21-09-2023
  • 3 min

Voldaan and EnableNow, two innovative businesses from the data-driven city of Den Bosch, are joining forces. With EnableNow's open banking technology, Voldaan's acceptance process becomes significantly more efficient. Furthermore, thanks to open banking, Voldaan gains greater insight into its customers' situations, enabling a more thorough risk analysis.

Voldaan and EnableNow, two innovative enterprises based in the data-driven city of Den Bosch, are joining forces. EnableNow's open banking technology will streamline Voldaan's acceptance process, making it significantly more efficient. Additionally, through open banking, Voldaan will gain deeper insights into its customers' situations, enabling better risk analysis.

Voldaan offers factoring services that allow entrepreneurs to maintain control. Factoring involves selling your invoices to Voldaan, which ensures that your invoices are paid within 24 hours and takes over debtor management on your behalf, all at fixed rates with no hidden fees.

New customers at Voldaan go through an acceptance process. This process will become much more efficient with EnableNow's open banking platform. Customers can grant temporary access to their banking information through the platform with just a few clicks. The data is automatically analyzed, allowing Voldaan to promptly provide the customer with screening results.

Den Bosch has the ambition to become the data capital of the Netherlands. Organizations such as the Bossche Investment Company (BIM) contribute to this goal with initiatives like the themed DATA/IT community Grasso, a business complex where education, government, and entrepreneurs come together. This new collaboration in Den Bosch between Voldaan and EnableNow demonstrates that businesses within the city are increasingly connecting and thereby contributing to the overarching ambition of the city.

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